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[ July 16, 2001 ]
723121327 a peculiar palindromic prime
Carlos Rivera (email) reports.

While working on a new topic for his website Carlos Rivera discovered
that the smallest Langford Prime Number as defined in Puzzle 144
turned out to be palindromic !

Let me first give the general definition of such a number :
For every digit d in a Langford Number there always exists another digit d
- to the right or to the left - at a distance of exactly d+1 digits,
and with all interjacent digits differing from d.

The smallest Langford PRIME Number is this curious palindrome


Between the digits 7 lie 7 digits all different from 7
Between the digits 2 lie 2 digits all different from 2
Between the digits 3 lie 3 digits all different from 3
Between the digits 1 there is only 1 digit different from 1

What are the following 5 palprimes of this same class ?

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