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Hi, Congratulations on the find, is this part of a project, or are you working on Repunits alone? Did you use any kind of sieve in the search? (I'm certain one could be written that would be about as fast as the factorial sieve, I'm guessing you couldn't go better than that though) I assume there is no chance of a proof of primality, a shame really - even if the Generalised Riemann Hypothesis was proved it would take a very long time to run all those SPRP tests! Are you going to continue searching for higher repunits? Maybe a search could be organised (although it might be hard to get people to search for non-archivable primes). Sorry if that sounded like 20 questions, I was surprised by the lack of response to this find (maybe everyone is in shock from Conrad Curry's announcement that he'd found the remaining factors to prove (402^2521-1)/401 prime). Michael.
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