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> >> We are d**n sure that (10^86453-1)/9 is prime, > >> but we can't d**n well prove it. > >Love it. This is humanity in a nutshell... we may blow the trumpets of But isn't it nice that there is always something just beyond our reach? Helps us stretch! >Every once in a while, someone suggests Chris C.'s "5000 Largest Known >Primes" ought to have a companion "Most Wanted" list of PRP's awaiting >proof. (I suggest the PrimeForm files area!). Mentally I keep two such >lists ...snip... > >Such a list would need some pretty stringent conditions on membership >(more so than 'archivable forms' in the top 5000. There are evidently >some PRP's that aren't worth the time spent looking for them, while >others would be more important. Size isn't everything - but this one's >miraculous. I really think this is a terrific idea. But I am not the one to do it for two reasons, first I already have a long "to-do" list; but more importantly, it should be someone who likes to spend time thinking about how much work would be required to complete a proof. The list would have to balance the most interesting numbers with the most reachable numbers. (If the primes on the ten most wanted are impossible, then what would the list be worth). BUT if anyone would like to make such a list, I'd be glad to give it a home OR would be glad to link to it where it is (a PrimeForm directory?). It would be nice to have a top ten (or so), plus a link to a page which provides a way for others to post ones they'd like to see proven with a short note (why, or hints how to proceed) Chris C.
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