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December 18, 2000 Some new Nine Digits Digressions
Enjoy also the addictive sliding block puzzle!
WONplate 85
December 4, 2000 Joe Crump discovered in the past Tridigital Squares
using the Quadratic Residues technique.
He explains his method at the following page
Tridigital Squares via Quadratic Residues
December 1, 2000 Roberto Botrugno explains in detail the algorithm
he developed for finding the remarkably large solutions
from the puzzle described in WONplate 78 at
Sets of three composites in bi-directional
'Sum Of Prime Factors' progression/retrogression
November 25, 2000 Sander Hoogendoorn started collecting Home Primes
(repeated factorization of concatenated prime factors)
beyond 100 (he reached already 312) at
Home Primes > 100
The main page for Home Primes up to 100 is still
available at Home Primes < 101
November 13, 2000 Hisanori Mishima found new record Tridigital Squares
Squares with at most three distinct digits
Sporadic solutions up to 10^17
43694278824566964251 2=
still remains the leader with 40 digits!
November 4, 2000 Jeff Heleen found a new record Palindromic Heptagonal
Palindromic Heptagonals
Various Palindromic Number Records
November, 2000  World!Of Numbers   starts in a renewed style!

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