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December 20, 2001 Various palindromic observations from Enoch Haga
WONplate 121 (new)
December 17, 2001 Shyam Sunder Gupta started a new website
Number Recreations
This is great! Let us pay him a visit.
Welcome, dear like minded number lover!
December 1, 2001
Charlton Harrison found a new record
binarydecimal palindrome
110 0010111100 0010101010 1101000011 1010000010
0000101110 0001011010 1010100001 1110100011
The binary string contains 83 digits !
the complete list
November 11, 2001 Enoch Haga's new book is out !
"Exploring Prime Numbers on Your PC and the Internet"
WONplate 120 (new)
Haydn, Hindemith, others(?) composed palindromic music !
WONplate 19 (update)
November 6, 2001 Playing around with nine- & pandigitals in other bases !
WONplate 119 (new)
Eric W. Weisstein's MathWorld has returned.
This is great and fantastic news.
Welcome back, dear encyclopedist!
October 22, 2001 Have you ever... palindromes in the Golden String !
WONplate 118 (new)
October 19, 2001
Hans Rosenthal found (prime proved) a new 4859-digit
Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Prime (SUPP for short)
9(89)2429 = (98*104859-89)/99
Compare this with L. C. Noll's old record of 2883 digits !
It took Hans more than 1847 hours to finish the proof.
October 12, 2001 Semiprimes are composites with exactly two prime factors.
Can you find four consecutive semiprimes ?
WONplate 117 (new)
October 10, 2001
Ever larger numbers composed of ODD digits (iDem DitO
for their prime factors) are asked. One example :
15995731573 = 1153 * 1933 * 7177
WONplate 116 (new)
The  pandigital  version of WONplate 97.
1023687954 * 2901673548 = 2970408257528040792
WONplate 115 (new)
October 5, 2001 David Broadhurst and Harvey Dubner announced via the
NMBRTHRY bulletin board a new  palindromic prime 
N = (1989191989)15601 containing 15601 digits.
This is not a new record however this palindrome is of
a more varied form and hence considerably
more demanding to prove !
September 24, 2001 More palindromic quotients through  pandigital numerators .
WONplate 114 (new)
September 23, 2001 I found many more sets of two ninedigital numbers that
makes a palindromic product !
WONplate 97 (updated)
September 3, 2001
WONplate 113
Jim Fougeron's titanic prime uses only palindromes.
WONplate 112
Terry Trotter blended different concepts
in a most beautiful pattern.
July 16, 2001
 FOUR IN A ROW , this time ! All new WONplates.
WONplate 111
Analogical Reasoning (by Klaus Brockhaus) and more
Pattern Power, leading to the Number of the Beast.
WONplate 110
A. Murthy's integer sequence A061604 inspired me
to create this Pandigital Programming Challenge.
WONplate 109
723121327 a peculiar palprime from Carlos Rivera.
WONplate 108
A palindrome story for 89 told by Terry Trotter.
July 9, 2001 Preon sent me the complete list of all the
Ninedigital 'Kordemsky' Divisions.
WONplate 107 (new)
June 25, 2001
Hugo Sánchez provides 29 extra palindromic patterns
arranged in two categories :
Productos Palindrómicos
Curiosidades con el número 333667 (primo)
WONplate 106 (new)
June 17, 2001 Hans Havermann extended the list of Twin Prime Pairs
summing to palindromes. Many nice patterns emerges...
WONplate 105 (new)
WONplate 104 (new) A palindromic error, this one !
June 16, 2001My page Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Primes (SUPP for
short) underwent a major upgrade. This was accomplished
thanks to Hans Rosenthal's contribution of probable primes
up to 20001 digits, bringing this collection to the point
where it will serve as a standard reference work
for this kind of numbers, at least that is what we aspire!
June 15, 2001 Roberto Botrugno sent in a type P-sopf record (length 62)
Set of three composites in bi-directional
'Sum Of Prime Factors' progression/retrogression
June 3, 2001 Jeff Heleen provided a nice list with polygonals with
palindromic sides, rank and number but can't remember
whether it's exhaustive or not... can you verify ?
WONplate 103 (new)
June 2, 2001 On May 31 2001, I (pdg) found a second record
palindromic triangular of length 42.
basenumber k=775.781.766.082.836.455.602 with k(k+1)/2=
May 28, 2001 Brian Wallace wonders about triangular numbers
containing all 6's.
WONplate 102 (new)
May 27, 2001 Hans Havermann made an impressive contribution
to my webpage sumprime.htm
Palindromic Sums of Powers of Consecutive Primes
May 20, 2001 Pete Leadbetter broke Mike Bennett's record from 1998 by
finding a new record palindromic square of 52 digits.
64897400105515621177314682 2 =

Definition of a new notion Intrinsic k-palindromic numbers
WONplate 101 (new)
May 15, 2001 A Palindrome Question from Maria Gerardina Bulanon
WONplate 100 (new)
May 14,  2001  Harvey Dubner found a new record set of three  2001 -digit
Palindromic Primes in Arithmetic Progression.
WONplate 99 (new)
May 1, 2001 Integer  6643  joins the World!Of Palindromes but
not through our trustworthy base 10 numbersystem.
WONplate 98 (new)
April 18, 2001 Exactly one year after my previous discovery I (pdg)
found a new record Palindromic Triangular
basenumber k=585.863.634.063.453.017.106 with k(k+1)/2=
April 10, 2001 How many palindromes can you find that are the
products of two ninedigital numbers ?
WONplate 97 (new)
April 9, 2001 A follow up to WONplate 36 and a ninedigital variation
WONplate 96 (new)
April 5, 2001 A new record Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Prime
has been proved rigorous prime by Landon Curt Noll.
This SUPP has a length of 2883 digits 3(73)1441
See also Prime Curios! 37373...37373
March 26, 2001 Janean Wilson asked for the largest ninedigital number
being the product of three 3-digit integers.
WONplate 95 (new)
March 12, 2001 Sonja Sharp's puzzling palindromic sequence...
WONplate 94 (new)
March 10, 2001 Today I found the smallest multiplier of 8181 in order
to arrive at a palindromic product. See WONplate 36
8181 *  1173450678278939  = 9599999998999999959
The next challenge will now be for integer 818181 !
March 2, 2001 Palindromic Patterns using Odd and Even tiles.
Never say NEVER ODD OR EVEN again !
A contribution from Wendy Klassen WONplate 93
February 26, 2001 I need more palindromes in the factorial base ! ...
WONplate 92 (New Topic)
WONplate 89 (Updated)
February 23, 2001 A new conjecture sees the daylight ! There ain't a larger
than 919 ... 929 Primefree Palindrome Interval ...
WONplate 91
February 12, 2001
Jeff Heleen computed, using UBASIC, all the
Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Primes
smaller than 843 digits in length.
Dear number cruncher, can you break C. Rivera's record ?
A SUPP of length 1979 1(21)989
February 10, 2001 The Nine Digits section has been rearranged
into three pages and a few new topics were added.
ninedig3.htm the third (most recent) page
ninedig2.htm the second page
ninedig1.htm the first page
January 30, 2001
Smallest multipliers to make a number palindromic.
E.g. 81 * 12345679 = 999999999
E.g. 8181 *      ?      =     ?
A topic with quite a mathematical story...
WONplate 36
January 25, 2001
Jaime Ayala and his son Jaimito submitted
a beautiful sequel to the 3x3 palindromic &
'Sophie Germain' magic squares of WONplate 87

Harvey Dubner announces two palindromic prime record.
Three titanic palprimes in arithmetical progression
In fact a re-discovery as Warut Roonguthai
found this set already a year ago...
Six consecutive palprimes in arithmetic progression
WONplate 90
January 14, 2001 A new record of 14 million digits by Jason Allen Doucette
The 196 Palindrome Quest
WONplate 4
January 13, 2001 Kiwoo Song sent me (way back in '99) an intriguing theorem
about factorials and binary numbers.
WONplate 89
Marks R. Nester investigated palindromic structures.
Back to basics...
WONplate 88
Updated wonplate 22 about palindrome 1881.
WONplate 22
January 9, 2001 A nostalgic Jeff Heleen sheds a retrospective view at the
year 1996 and rediscovers some palindromic primes.
WONplate 5
January 5, 2001 Jaime Ayala submitted a nice 3x3 palindromic &
'Sophie Germain' pair of magic squares.
Carlos Rivera added some extra puzzle challenges.
WONplate 87
January 3, 2001 A new palindromic prime curio !
WONplate 86

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