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December 29, 2002 Palindromic sums of powers of (at least two) consecutives.
WONplate 145 (new)
December 22, 2002
David Broadhurst prime proved a new 6343-digit
Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Prime (SUPP for short)
1(41)3171 = (14*106343-41)/99
A great gift, David! Merry Christmas to you
and of course to all visitors of my website.
November 21, 2002
Hans Rosenthal found (prime proved) a new 4885-digit
Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Prime (SUPP for short)
1(71)2442 = (17*104885-71)/99
It took Hans around 2009! hours to finish the proof.
November 15, 2002 A free forum for Gigantic Primes.
Can you contribute ?
WONplate 144 (new)
November 12, 2002 Palindromic Primes stretched out until... (by Jeff Heleen).
WONplate 143 (new)
November 11, 2002 Participate into Bruce Berentsen's
General Year 2002 Arithmetic Puzzle !
Year MMII (new entry)
November 6, 2002 Enoch Haga's newest contribution is titled
Double Cross Palindromes and is about n x n
grids filled with palprimes, primes and/or emirps !
WONplate 142 (new)
October 26, 2002 Kishor Gordhandas created a very spectacular
Magic Square with Magic Sum of 2002 !
Year MMII (new entry)
October 19, 2002 Shyam Sunder Gupta cracked the fifth palindromic psp(2).
The number is 1037998220228997301.
( 41 * 101 * 211 * 251 * 757 * 1321 * 4733 )
WONplate 124 (update)
Unfortunately it is not a strong pseudoprime(base 2).
October 11, 2002 206,158,430,000 decimal digits in the expansion of .
WONplate 40 (update)
October 8, 2002 Primes in literature (by Enoch Haga).
WONplate 141 (new)
October 6, 2002  8778  a palindrome featuring in a triangle
of triangulars (by Jean Claude Rosa).
WONplate 140 (new)
September 23, 2002  Palindromic Wing Primes  (or PWP's for short) are numbers
that are primes, palindromic in base 10, and consisting of one
central digit surrounded by two wings having an equal amount
of identical digits different from the central one
(a.k.a. Near-Repdigit Palindromes).
Everyone is invited to work on or to extend this collection.
Palindromic Wing Primes (new)
Did you know these 'double beast' facts !
There are 1881 digits in 666^666
and that (1)6668(1)666 is prime, just like 166686661 !
September 20, 2002 Jean Claude Rosa made contributions to several of my
WON pages during the last few weeks.
WONplate 56 (update)
WONplate 114 (update)
WONplate 117 (update)
WONplate 137 (update)
WONplate 139 (update)
Squares of 2/3 consecutives (update)
September 6, 2002  1991  a vertical palindrome occurring in a sequence
of four primes (by Enoch Haga).
WONplate 139 (new)
July 25, 2002 Alex Kruppa & Paul Leyland factored HP49(90).c176
and HP49(94).c152 . Several more stages reached.
Prime factors can be found at the Home Primes page.
I'm wondering if they may have to go beyond 100 steps...
July 22, 2002 A palindromic avalanche resulting from an irrational number.
Excerpted with permission from John Prophet's book.
WONplate 138 (new)
July 21, 2002 Find eleven ways to arrange the nine digits summing to 100.
A small but curious puzzle sent in by Paul Gissing.
WONplate 137 (new)
July 19, 2002 Reciprocals resulting in zeros and ones (binary code)
'Interesting or not ?', David Brickell asks himself.
WONplate 136 (new)
July 17, 2002 Extra material was added to two of my WONplates
WONplate 116 (update) Jean Claude Rosa
WONplate 133 (update) Jeff Heleen
July 14, 2002 Terry Trotter observed that 549945 is a very curious
palindrome. Find out why...
WONplate 135 (new)
July 8, 2002 Hassan Elbekraoui assembled some JavaScript code
to check out if things are palindromic or not.
WONplate 134 (new)
July 7, 2002 A new recreational puzzle this time (easy or hard...).
Primes remaining prime when its digits are intertwined
with their SOD (Sum Of Digits) strings, iterated.
WONplate 133 (new)
July 1, 2002 Alex Kruppa & Paul Leyland factored HP49(85).c140
into p68 * p73. Several more stages reached.
Prime factors can be found at the Home Primes page.
May 25, 2002 Alex Kruppa factored HP49(84) = c167 p53 * p114
rendering it the fourth largest known factor found by ECM !
Prime factors can be found at the Home Primes page.
May 21, 2002
Wade VanLandingham informs me that he reached nearly
34 million digits in the 196 quest.
Progress can be followed through his own website at
196 and Other Lychrel Numbers
WONplate 4 (update)
Wade promotes all numbers that do not form palindromes
by reversing & adding their digits as Lychrel Numbers,
196 being the obvious first, then 879, 1997, etc.
May 16, 2002 Alex Kruppa & Paul Leyland have factored
HP49(81).c136 p51 * p85
using the GNFS (general number field sieve).
Prime factors can be found at the Home Primes page.
May 16, 2002 Jean Claude Rosa submitted significant contributions
to no less than three (!) of my WONplates.
WONplate 129 (update)
WONplate 130 (update)
WONplate 131 (update)
May 6, 2002 Two items (36 & 37) were added to a 2nd 'year 2002' page
(the first one became too long to extend any further).
Topics sent in by G. L. Honaker and Enoch Haga.
YEAR 2002 page 2 (new page)
May 5, 2002 Jean Claude Rosa introduces Antimagic Squares
using Primes with sums in Arithmetic Progression
WONplate 132 (new)
May 3, 2002
Carlos Rivera formulates
 Squares of palindromes as products of reversibles 
WONplate 131 (new)
April 17, 2002
Patrick De Geest presents
 Substrings in primes of composite length 
WONplate 130 (new)
April 11, 2002 Walter Schneider improved his search program for
circular primes considerably and used it to search
for those of digit lengths 20 and 21. No solutions were found.
Running time on a Pentium-3 550Mhz was 19 hours for
20 digits and a couple of days for 21 digits.
Circular Primes (update)
April 5, 2002 Alex Kruppa & Paul Leyland
are delighted to announce that they have factored
HP49(80).c138 p69 * p70
with the general number field sieve.
Prime factors can be found at the Home Primes page.
April 1, 2002 Admire Jean Claude Rosa's smallest Magic Squares
composed of only palprimes of lengths 9, 11 and 13.
WONplate 129 (new)
March 31, 2002 Feng Yuan sent in some new Palindromic Squares
of odd lengths 41 and 43.
And various other record palindromic polygonals as well !
Palindromic Squares (update)
March 1, 2002  Keithing to 2002...  an article by Terry Trotter.
WONplate 128 (new)
February 25, 2002 Klaus Brockhaus illustrates the Power of Patterns.
WONplate 127 (new)
February 17, 2002 Harvey Dubner tells about his newest Tetradic (pal)prime.
WONplate 126 (new)
February 11, 2002 The smallest composites that are pseudoprime to base 2.
WONplate 125 (new)
February 3, 2002 Can you find more palindromic pseudoprimes to base 2 ?
WONplate 124 (new)
Sonja Sharp's puzzling palindromic sequence...
WONplate 94 (update by Jennifer Hunter)
January 22, 2002 John McNamara brings democracy into the Rabbit series.
WONplate 123 (new)
January 21, 2002 Roberto Botrugno sent in a new record
type P_sopf set of length 102
Set of three composites in bi-directional
'Sum Of Prime Factors' progression/retrogression
January 9, 2002 C. Rivera and T. Trotter examined numbers expressible
as Sums of Consecutive Integers/Primes
WONplate 122 (new)
January 1, 2002

will be the last palindromic year of our lives for us!
This fact shouldn't make us sad, on the contrary!
Let us all welcome this opportunity and do some
really great things like for instance number
recreational work around this palindrome.
Click the 2002 logo to find already the first entries.

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